Before Physical Therapy: Immediate Relief for a Sprained Wrist

Every day we are exposed to any type of injury. Injuries are not exclusive to athletes. People who are not exposed to strenuous physical activities can also get injuries. And most of us think that we can just heal those injuries. That’s not always the case.

Physical TherapyOne of the everyday injuries that people face is the wrist sprain. When that happens, our daily activities halt. We cannot type; we cannot send a text message; we cannot cook because doing all those simple tasks hurt your hand. What to do?

It is always best if you seek a physical therapist to get that cured. Don’t hesitate to visit your physical therapist. He or she can be a lot of help, and your injury can heal faster. But what can we do for immediate relief? Continue reading


Things to Expect When You Visit Your Physical Therapist

Do you have an appointment with your physical therapist later or tomorrow? First things first: congratulations for finally admitting that something is wrong with you. A lot of people would convince themselves that there’s nothing wrong with them, but that is where complications usually start.

So it is your first time to visit a PT for examinations? Do not be nervous. For sure, you will be in good hands. But of course, being nervous is part of it, for you do not usually know what will happen when you get there. Especially for people who are terrified with pain or the agliophobic and the aichmophobics, the thought of hospital apparatus can be a little obscene.  Don’t worry about those things. Continue reading

When You Visit Your Physical Therapist

Going to a physical therapist means only one thing – you want to get your full range of motion back and to remove the pain when doing so. The cause of your restricted movement and pain may be because of an injury, an accident, an illness or a disease but it is the physical therapists job to get you back to how you were before it all happened or darned close to it.

104 - When You Visit Your Physical TherapistNow, visiting a physical therapist can be a scary proposition for some but if you prepare yourself you can get not only the answers you seek but also the healing you want and need so you can be your old self again. This means being prepared so your initial and subsequent visits are productive such that it can bring you one step closer each time to your complete recovery. Continue reading

If You Have These Physical Therapy Can Help

If you find it hard to move or your range of motion is limited and you’re suffering pain because of it then physical therapy can help. With physical therapy you can get back that range of motion that you’ve lost and lose the pain in the process so you can get back to your feet (literally and figuratively) in no time at all.

Whether from an injury or from a debilitating illness or disease physical therapy can help you recover from it and avoid future injury or strengthen the area affected by the illness. You will be able to live with the injury or illness without losing much in the way of motion or enjoyment of life.

102 - If You Have These Physical Therapy Can HelpThere are a number of injuries or illnesses that physical therapy can help you with. Chances are if you have any of these you can get physical therapy for it so you can get back up again and continue living the way you’ve always have. Continue reading

Time To Get Another Physical Therapist

For those who have suffered an injury or debilitating disease that pretty much limited their range of movement and made them suffer pain in the process then physical therapy is a godsend. After all, it is a field wherein the patient is rehabilitated so that they get their range of motion back, improve their physical functionality to what it was before the injury or disease and relieve them of their pain as much as possible.

104 - Time To Get Another Physical TherapistThe person that helps them do all this is the physical therapist. He is the well trained, well educated person whose job it is to do all of the things mentioned above for the sake of their patients. They use a variety of tools at their disposal from diagnosis to exercise to massages in order to accomplish all this. Continue reading

The Work That Is A Physical Therapist Assistant

From just the title alone you probably would have surmised by now that the role of the physical therapist assistant is just that – to assist the physical therapist in implementing the rehabilitation of patients wanting to get their range of motion back. While they don’t have their own patients they do handle some of the selected components of the patient rehab program as well collect any data arising from the treatments given as well as well as make any modifications to such under the supervision of the physical therapist.

102 - The Work That Is A Physical Therapist AssistantLike the physical therapists, PTAs handle all individual patients regardless of age. This means they may be assisting on a young patient one day and an elderly patient the next. As long as these patients have a medical or health related problem that limits their abilities to move and function properly they can be handled by the PTAs. Continue reading

Do Take Care Of Your Back

Your back is very important to you. Not to say that the rest of your body isn’t as important but let’s face it – your back is the one supporting you every day whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Not taking care of it can cause you a world of pain and this can drastically limit your range of movement such that enjoying life as you do now won’t be as easy or as pain free.

104 - Do Take Care Of Your BackBack pain is nothing new. As long as we have had backs we have had back pain problems. That’s normal but that being said we do tend to do more that can actually hasten the onset of back problems. Continue reading