Hey, everyone! I’m Deborah Koval, and if you’re looking for fun, informative reads about Physical Therapy, I welcome you to my blog!

You are here because you have several or many questions about physical therapy and its scope. For years, you may have a limited impression about physical therapy; that it’s equivalent to simple massages.

In my blog, I will help you understand all the things under Physical Therapy (PT): what it does, what it does not do, what are the injuries that it covers, and who are its possible patients.

Physical Therapy

You will also be educated on what Physical Therapists usually do. Again, they are usually associated with massage therapists, which is actually one of the biggest misconceptions in the Health and Medicine field.

Although Physical Therapy may, at times, include massages, but it’s a lot more than that. It offers a dynamic, step by step process until a patient is restored to his or her normal physical capabilities, or if not normal, at least closest to it. Massages alone do not usually have that kind of goal.

When you finally understand all the things that Physical Therapy can do to you, perhaps your fears and inhibitions about it will be slowly eliminated, until you can finally establish a trust toward Physical Therapy and the well-educated, dedicated Physical Therapists that make healing possible.

Because of the misconceptions that you’ve heard here and there about Physical Therapy, I know that you may be a little reluctant to seek its help; that you ask yourself: why would I resolve to Therapy when I could merely seek a massage therapist to do it? And it is actually cheaper.

As a professional, when talking about your health, I wouldn’t advise you to “settle”, meaning, not just look for the cheapest way around. Many patients do this before seeking the help of a Physical Therapist, and usually, their conditions are a lot worse than before, which, as a result, leads to a more expensive therapy.

Physical Therapists know about this, and sometimes people don’t usually think of going to the PTs first if their doctors are not so persistent about it.

One of the goals of Physical Therapy is to get you back on track; that sooner or later on the progress of the program made for you, you will soon be capable of doing all your everyday routines.

In this blog, you will also be educated how to find the best physical therapist for you. It’s also important that you put your trust on the therapist because you will sooner or later find out that the success of your program does not only rest on the therapist’s hands; you also play a very big role to get you healed. That’s why trust is vital.

Just keep on reading the blogs posted. Everything you need to know about Physical Therapy and the Therapists as well is provided for you here.

This is the best way for people to be educated about Physical Therapy.

Best of Luck!


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