Before Physical Therapy: Immediate Relief for a Sprained Wrist

Every day we are exposed to any type of injury. Injuries are not exclusive to athletes. People who are not exposed to strenuous physical activities can also get injuries. And most of us think that we can just heal those injuries. That’s not always the case.

Physical TherapyOne of the everyday injuries that people face is the wrist sprain. When that happens, our daily activities halt. We cannot type; we cannot send a text message; we cannot cook because doing all those simple tasks hurt your hand. What to do?

It is always best if you seek a physical therapist to get that cured. Don’t hesitate to visit your physical therapist. He or she can be a lot of help, and your injury can heal faster. But what can we do for immediate relief?

What if it’s midnight and you actually sprained your hand? The doctor is out. You cannot pray for daylight, so you can rush to the nearest clinic. There are measures that you can do for immediate but temporary relief.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Put some ice on your wrist. This can reduce the bothersome pain and swelling. You should repeat the process every three hours for 20 minutes to 30.
  • Compress. Do this with a bandage. Also, you might want to be careful. A sprain can be a “break”, depending on how bad your fall was. The doctor will be able to tell.
  • Rest your wrists. Do not move them around or in a circling pattern. Just rest them until you get to the therapist or doctor.
  • Take medications. Before prescriptions, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs that are not steroidal, like Motrin, Aleve, or Advil. They can reduce pain and swelling to a certain period of time. They should be temporary. If the doctor prescribes a new set of medication, stop whatever it is you’re taking.
  • Elevate you wrists. Do this as many times as you can. When you elevate your wrist, elevate it above the chest level.
  • Use a cast. You can also use the splint. This is done so that the wrist is not easily touched or moved. But this is only for temporary action. If the doctor says you have to remove it, you need to follow that.

Remember, these are only temporary actions. These are done to ease the pain and swelling for the mean time, but if you don’t consult a professional afterwards, your wrist might get into more trouble.

When you feel swelling, pain, bruising, tenderness, or tearing, your wrist may have been sprained. Do all the actions provided above and do not forget to consult a professional’s help as soon as you can. Don’t wait for the injury to get more severe.

You can also do the R.I.C.E. method used for a sprained ankle.


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