No Sustained R.I.C.E. for Your Injured Ankle

We all know that Physical Therapists do wonders to our injuries. They get us back on track with the processes and programs they do to us when we seek for their help. Thanks to their expertise, it is easier for us to get our lives back.

injured ankle, physical therapyEven if we are not athletes, we tend to hurt ourselves at time- involuntarily, of course. Sometimes when we are not too careful, we fall and then hurt ourselves. Even at work we hurt our backs, which you can totally avoid. How? Read our previous post Work Does not Have to Involve Back Aches.

If there are chances to hurt ourselves every day, we need to know how to deal with them. Sure, our therapists will be the best help, but let’s be reminded that we need to take measures, too- to alleviate the pain and not hurt ourselves more.

Ankle Spraining

So what if you sprained your ankle? Do you know what to do? Do you just keep on walking? Or do you sit down, massage it, and put ice?

Have you ever heard of the R.I.C.E.  method? Let’s review a little bit. They say when you sprain your ankle, just remember RICE.

Rest your ankle. After you sprain it, try not to walk. Ask help from people to help you.

Ice up. Place a plastic bag with ice in it and place it on your ankle.

Compress it. Use even pressure. Wrap from your toes to your mid calf.

Elevate your ankle.

They’re not so difficult to remember, right?

However, what people do is to wait for days for the pain to stop. That’s the thing about RICE; people think they can just heal their injuries on their own. That’s not supposed to be the case,

RICE is just for immediate response; an action taken so the pain and injury cannot go worse. These are just the steps to do before you go to the doctor for help.

When you have an injury like this, professional help is needed because not all ankle sprains have the same case. So it is always better to have your ankle checked by a physical therapist.

Self-healing is not advised. You should always get professional advice when suffering from injury. So when you hurt your ankle, R.I.C.E. up, but do not sustain this process. Seek a surgeon’s help immediately.


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