Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy: Why You Need Them?

Who are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who help people reduce or manage pain and restore or improve mobility. Thanks to PTs or Physical Therapists, these goals can be achieved without going through surgery that may be very expensive for you. Physical Therapists can also help people avoid using long term prescriptions. Therefore, people can dodge side effects of such medications.

Physical therapists also help people or patients manage their conditions. Aside from that, they can also educate patients on how to manage themselves, so that they won’t hurt themselves again while doing their everyday work.

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Which Physical Therapist?

What’s stopping you from visiting your physical therapist? You probably have so many fears: fears of pain, false expectations, medications, etc. However, going to the therapist if you think you need to is a must. When you feel something unusual about your body, it is always necessary to have it checked and fixed right away before the small problem turns worse.

You may have a lot of questions in mind before driving down to the therapist’s clinic. But things first: how do you choose your physical therapist?

Physical Therapist Working with PatientRemember, choosing the right therapist is one important key to getting good results. You have the freedom to choose your therapist. If you sought the doctor’s advice and he tells you that you need a physical therapist to get something treated, the doctor will refer you to one who is just right for you. If, however, you are not comfortable with your therapist, you have the freedom to choose another one.

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Things to Expect When You Visit Your Physical Therapist

Do you have an appointment with your physical therapist later or tomorrow? First things first: congratulations for finally admitting that something is wrong with you. A lot of people would convince themselves that there’s nothing wrong with them, but that is where complications usually start.

So it is your first time to visit a PT for examinations? Do not be nervous. For sure, you will be in good hands. But of course, being nervous is part of it, for you do not usually know what will happen when you get there. Especially for people who are terrified with pain or the agliophobic and the aichmophobics, the thought of hospital apparatus can be a little obscene.  Don’t worry about those things. Continue reading