Work Does Not Have to Involve Back Aches

When you’re working hard enough, it does not always necessarily mean that at the end of the day, you should feel sick and very tired. This is especially for those who spend most of their work hours with their butts glued in their seats and their eyes to the computer’s monitor or the laptop’s screen. If you are one of those people, you are most prone to pains: nape, back, and even in other parts of your body.

ImageYou don’t have to feel tired and beat at the end of the day. We do want to love our jobs to be more productive, but it would be a little difficult to do so if we feel tired all the time.

So what makes us really tired? Is it solely our jobs? A lot of people would say yes, but a lot would disagree. Sometimes, it is our approach towards our jobs that lead us to exhaustion. For people working in front of computers almost 8 hours a day, the problem there may be easy to pinpoint.

If you summed up all your breaks away from the computer and that functionally-challenged desk and chair, would you say that the breaks you’ve had in segments would reach up to an hour- even thirty minutes? We care less most of the time with our breaks because we just want things done before the day ends. That’s a good attitude. However, you need to do that without straining yourself. Just find the right approach towards your job, and you’ll be fine- without back pains, neck pains, or any kind of pain at all.

Here’s How:

Start evaluating your chair and desk. As for your office chair, it has to be to be well-designed for you to be comfortable while on it. The backrest has to conform to your back, so that your spine will have enough support. If the seat provided for you does not have a very good backrest, just use a small pillow to give your back more support and comfort.

Also, your desk must have the right height, so that your computer remains at eye-level. This will help your neck remain relaxed throughout the hours.

Next is your body mechanics. Whether you’re just slipping out or under your table, picking something up, or reaching for something from a shelf, you have to maintain proper body mechanics. When you pick something up, for example, you need to bend your legs until you get closer to the object that you need to pick up. Do not arch your back. Also, when talking to someone on the phone, do not let your shoulder and your cheek hold it for you. Maintain proper posture. You also need to check your wallet on your back pocket. It is better to remove it for you to be more comfortable when seated.

Stretch, stretch, stretch! Do not forget to do that. Every once in a while, you need to stand up and do a little stretching. You can walk around the office if space allows you to. Your blood circulation goes back to normal when you do this. Breathe a little; stretch a little; relax a little. A few minutes won’t hurt you.

One other thing you should look out for is your diet. When choosing the kind of lunch to have for the day, always prioritize fruits, vegetables, grains, and a lot of water. You also need a lot of calcium to have stronger bones for better support for your whole body.

And most of all, you should learn how to deal with stress. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way, right? Stress can make your back ache, so stop stressing so much. When you get out of work, engage in activities that are fun, fun, fun! Go to the gym, play tennis, run, or accomplish something else. Get your mind off your work. Fight off stress; fight off pains.

Do not let work get you. When there’s a better approach, use it! You need a healthy body to achieve excellence in your work. When being sick in a workplace is not even an option, you need to make sure you stay healthy all the time.

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