Time To Get Another Physical Therapist

For those who have suffered an injury or debilitating disease that pretty much limited their range of movement and made them suffer pain in the process then physical therapy is a godsend. After all, it is a field wherein the patient is rehabilitated so that they get their range of motion back, improve their physical functionality to what it was before the injury or disease and relieve them of their pain as much as possible.

104 - Time To Get Another Physical TherapistThe person that helps them do all this is the physical therapist. He is the well trained, well educated person whose job it is to do all of the things mentioned above for the sake of their patients. They use a variety of tools at their disposal from diagnosis to exercise to massages in order to accomplish all this.In order to see a physical therapist you may need to get a referral from your physician. Some states do require this before you can see one although other states don’t so you may want to check with your state first before you do anything. That being said it is still a good idea to see your doctor first before doing anything else. At least you have a medical opinion and at the same time they may know a good physical therapist for you to visit.

Speaking of good physical therapists it is unfortunate that not all of them may be good. I’m not speaking about them not being good about what they do in general, although that is part of it, but rather they may not be a good fit for you as the patient. You need a physical therapist that will work well for you because it is your health and wellness that is at stake here. If you feel that the therapist is not for you it is probably for the best that you find a new one.

But, how do you know if the therapist is any “good” for you or not? Well there are things you may want to look for in order to figure this out. First is the thing that you can actually see – something like having a license and any certification that shows they are knowledgeable in their field.

The license is a must in most, if not in all states. By having a license this means they have both an undergraduate and a master’s or doctor’s degree in physical therapy. It also means that they have taken the national licensing exam and fulfilled the state specific requirements as well.

Lack of personal care and attention is an aspect that is a bit subjective but rather important as well. One on one is usually the way things go when you go to therapy because by doing so the physical therapist is able to determine if the rehabilitation program is working or not and if there is a necessity to change it or not.

If the therapists simply let their assistant do most of the work with you then that’s not good (not to mention illegal in a lot of states). The therapist needs to communicate with you so they know how the program is affecting you and the best way is to be there with you. If the therapists isn’t doing this then maybe you should find one that will actually care more about his or her patient than this one.

More care and understand comes from Deborah Koval


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