Do Take Care Of Your Back

Your back is very important to you. Not to say that the rest of your body isn’t as important but let’s face it – your back is the one supporting you every day whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Not taking care of it can cause you a world of pain and this can drastically limit your range of movement such that enjoying life as you do now won’t be as easy or as pain free.

104 - Do Take Care Of Your BackBack pain is nothing new. As long as we have had backs we have had back pain problems. That’s normal but that being said we do tend to do more that can actually hasten the onset of back problems.Take sleeping on your stomach for example. I know many of you probably like that way of sleeping and for some this is the best way to really get a good night’s sleep. The thing is, what you get in good sleep you do exchange for back pain that can worsen as time goes by.

This is because when you sleep on your stomach there is no support for your back. This puts a lot of pressure not just on your spine but also you joints and muscles. You may not feel it right now but after many repetitions you soon will. That ache you feel when you wake up is a symptom of it.

A simple solution is to not sleep on your stomach but of course you’re not going to do that. Get added support by placing thin pillows under you to ease the burden on your pelvic area. Also try and get a ‘just right’ bed that’s neither too soft nor too hard. This way you get support in just the right places so you sleep well while not straining your back too much.

Our daily lives nowadays can also hurt your back. For those who sit in front of a computer for 8 hours or more a day you know what I mean. That’s because doing so will put a lot of strain to your lower back. This pressure adds up through constant repetition.

If your work is like that you should take breaks whenever you can. Stand up and walk around every now and then. Do simple neck and back exercises just so you can take the kinks off and allow circulation to come back.

Then there’s smoking. I don’t think I have to really expound on the health risks that smoking gives you but suffice it so say it can hurt more than just your back. As for fashion, wearing high heel shoes or flat ones can be a disaster since they mostly don’t have arch support. It may seem like the feet and the back are far away but they are connected so it will still affect you back.

There’s more but for most of us these are the ones that really can break the ‘camel’s back’ as the saying goes. Do take care of your back since it is taking care and supporting you. When you feel pain do not ignore it. It can be the harbinger of something more.

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