Some Things About Physical Therapy

In order to get back your range of motion without any further pain your best bet is to get some physical therapy. A physical therapist is able to help you get back your range of motion because that is what they are trained to do. Much like a doctor is trained to fix your illness or disease a physical therapist is trained to fix your physical injury restrictions so you can get back into doing what you love to do.

102 - Some Things About Physical TherapyThat said, it is quite unfortunate that you hear a lot of stories about physical therapy that can be confusing to many people who may have wanted to, or could have used the services of physical therapy. That said, with some clarification and checking you will find that physical therapy is not what you probably have heard and at the same time what you have heard.First of all, it’s not a quick, one day program. Why would anyone think that physical therapy will work after just one session? You take medicine for many days before an illness goes away right? The same is true for physical therapy.

This is because with physical therapy everything is done in increments so as not to overburden the injured body area so as not to exacerbate it. That’s why if you are undergoing therapy don’t be surprised if you need to do it for a couple of weeks if not months.

You may be going back on a daily basis but more than likely you will have breaks in between sessions to give your body time to get used to it. That said, you may still be doing exercises at home so as to keep your body at the ready for the sessions.

At the same time, physical therapy works on everything connected to the injury. This means that just because you have an injury in your leg or neck doesn’t mean the rest of your body won’t be worked on as well.

Remember, all our muscles and joints are interconnected throughout our body. Fixing one part is a good solution but its effects can ripple throughout the rest of your system. It’s like trying to flatten out one portion – it will work but the surrounding area gets warped in the process.

The whole physical therapy program aims to make sure that when fixing one corner doesn’t disrupt the rest of the body. That means making sure that while the muscles in your leg or neck is being worked on the muscles in your upper thigh and lower back or on your shoulders and back are also worked on so everything gets smoothed over really well.

As for the price – physical therapy is an expensive endeavor. Luckily, many health insurance providers do have it covered (hence the requirement that you need a doctor’s referral to get into one). If insurance will not pay for it then you do need to pay for it out of pocket. At least you don’t have to pay all at once as most physical therapy clinics have payment programs that break down payment into installments.

Let Deborah Koval explain more about physical therapy.


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