For Those Wanting To Be A Physical Therapist

A physical therapist has one job – to get people who have been injured, suffered from an illness or just came out of surgery get back their range of motion to how it was before. Basically, they are the people you go to in order to get mobile again and relieved of the pain that you suffer when you move about.

102 - For Those Wanting To Be A Physical TherapistThat said, it’s not as easy as simply doing massages or spa treatments or exercises. Anyone can do that but the results may be detrimental as it can cause more injury that what it is supposed to relieve. For a physical therapist the job is to make sure you get the right balance such that your pain goes away and yet be effective so you do get your range of motion back.That comes down to how well the therapist can diagnose your injury. It comes down to watching your movements and listening to your concerns so they can set up and create a rehabilitation program that will work for you without letting you suffer a lot of pain. This specialization is what sets them apart since no two injuries are ever the same.

That’s because people are not the same. An injury suffered by an athlete will require a different rehab program than say someone who’s just a normal non-athlete even if the injury is the same. The same is true when it comes to the age difference; a 10 year old needs special care versus a 40 year old or even a 70 year old for the same injury.

In order to get the knowledge base needed for this career education is a must. Actually, it’s mandatory and without it you can’t even take the national physical therapy exam which all physical therapist need to pass (convincingly at that) in order to even get their state issued licenses.

So what type of education do you need? Well for starters you need to start with a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree. You can also get by with any 4 year Bachelor degree but the B.S. is recommended because you need the science background.

After that you need to then get a Master in Physical Therapy or a Doctor in Physical Therapy degree. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is requiring the doctoral program by 2015 and most, if not all, accredited physical therapy schools have dropped the master’s program in favor of the doctorate. After passing the national exam you then apply for your state license within the state that you plan to practice in.

Depending on your preference and where there’s a job opening your work place can be varied. You may wind up working in a private office either of your own creation or with someone else. You can also work with hospitals, clinics, home health care providers and even nursing and residential homes.

Know your Physical Therapist like Deborah Koval.


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