Do Take Care Of Your Back

Your back is very important to you. Not to say that the rest of your body isn’t as important but let’s face it – your back is the one supporting you every day whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Not taking care of it can cause you a world of pain and this can drastically limit your range of movement such that enjoying life as you do now won’t be as easy or as pain free.

104 - Do Take Care Of Your BackBack pain is nothing new. As long as we have had backs we have had back pain problems. That’s normal but that being said we do tend to do more that can actually hasten the onset of back problems. Continue reading


Some Things About Physical Therapy

In order to get back your range of motion without any further pain your best bet is to get some physical therapy. A physical therapist is able to help you get back your range of motion because that is what they are trained to do. Much like a doctor is trained to fix your illness or disease a physical therapist is trained to fix your physical injury restrictions so you can get back into doing what you love to do.

102 - Some Things About Physical TherapyThat said, it is quite unfortunate that you hear a lot of stories about physical therapy that can be confusing to many people who may have wanted to, or could have used the services of physical therapy. That said, with some clarification and checking you will find that physical therapy is not what you probably have heard and at the same time what you have heard. Continue reading

Physical Therapists – Do You Have What It Takes

A career in physical therapy is not necessarily a bad thing. It is one of the few careers that are still in demand today and getting in is not that impossible although it is difficult since it does require a lot of education and testing before you can even get a license. That only makes sense since you will be dealing with the health of people so knowing what to do and what needs to be done is paramount.

Education and licenses aside, physical therapy requires more than that. It also requires something from you that can really help boost your career and make you an effective therapist. That means that before you think about becoming a physical therapist ask yourself if it is the right career path for you.

104 - Physical Therapists – Do You Have What It TakesSince we already mentioned education let’s start with that. Basically, are you ok with taking an extra 2 to 3 years after getting your bachelor’s to get either a Master’s or a Doctor in Physical Therapy degree – and that’s just the minimum. Continue reading

For Those Wanting To Be A Physical Therapist

A physical therapist has one job – to get people who have been injured, suffered from an illness or just came out of surgery get back their range of motion to how it was before. Basically, they are the people you go to in order to get mobile again and relieved of the pain that you suffer when you move about.

102 - For Those Wanting To Be A Physical TherapistThat said, it’s not as easy as simply doing massages or spa treatments or exercises. Anyone can do that but the results may be detrimental as it can cause more injury that what it is supposed to relieve. For a physical therapist the job is to make sure you get the right balance such that your pain goes away and yet be effective so you do get your range of motion back. Continue reading