Qualities That Make A Physical Therapist

A physical therapist can help you recover if you’ve ever been in an accident, suffered an injury or have come out of surgery wherein your body has lost some or a good part of its mobility. Not only that, they can also help you to relieve the pain so moving about does not make you cringe because of it.

102 - Qualities That Make A Physical TherapistAs with any profession, physical therapists come in many different shapes and sizes. What this means is that in order to get the best therapist for you, you need to look for certain qualities and traits that put the one you’re looking for above the rest. Continue reading


What Type Of Physical Therapist Do You Need

A physical therapist is a professional whose job is to evaluate, diagnose and treat people with injuries and other physical problems that result from illness, surgery or accidents. Basically, they are there to fix a person’s condition that limits that person’s ability to move about with the free range of movement that we are all accustomed to.

Now if you think anyone can be a physical therapist think again. Like any profession, especially one that is in the medical field, physical therapists needs to be as well-educated and trained as any of them.

102 - What Type Of Physical Therapist Do You NeedThis means that not only do they need a license; they also need to graduate from an accredited physical therapy program. Not only that; they also need to have at the very least a graduate or master’s degree in order for budding therapists to even think about taking the required state mandated licensing exam. Continue reading

When Looking For A Physical Therapist

We can get hurt in one way or another. Maybe you twisted something when you were lifting that heavy box. Maybe you hurt yourself when you slipped on something, be it a puddle of water, ice or something else. Maybe you got into an accident. Maybe you just slept wrong and something got pinched. Whatever the case may be you are suffering from physical pain that prevents you from doing anything physical and thus limits your body movements.

102 - When Looking For A Physical TherapistEven if you go to a doctor you may need more than just medical care in order to alleviate the pain and get back your range of motion. This may require more physical ways of care. This means that it will require therapy with the help of a physical therapist. Continue reading

How To Stick With Your Physical Therapy

For some, physical therapy can be a pain in the neck (not to mention other parts of the body as well). OK, OK maybe it’s a bad pun but in some ways it can be problematic. That’s because human beings being human beings we often tend to see the good that is we’re getting from doing what we’re doing.

What happens when that happens? Well for many it’s the time to lose whatever motivation and excitement they may have had earlier and simply wallow in the gloom – feeling that they’re not getting anywhere with it.

102 - How To Stick With Your Physical TherapyUnfortunately, this happens when it comes to physical therapy. In the beginning you are enthusiastic about the program that you will be doing. That’s because it’s still new and you feel that once you finish it then you will be back to normal and be able to do the things that you were able to do before you had the pain.

The thing is, as you go through with it and come from one session to another things start to look a little distant. It’s not really like that but for many it feels that the longer they go the farther away them getting better is. That’s why it is important to stay motivated so you can stick with the therapy and be able to finish it soon. Continue reading

Ask The Physical Therapist

In many states in order for you to go to a physical therapist you need a doctor’s referral. In some states you can simply walk in and ask for an appointment like any medical practitioner.

Now, just because you have a doctor’s referral doesn’t mean it is for a specific physical therapist. It can be but it can also be a referral for any physical therapist that you would like to use. Regardless of whether it’s from a referral or off the street you need to ask the physical therapist some questions that can help you decide whether you want to go with them or not.

102 - Ask The Physical TherapistPerhaps one of the first thing you want to know and therefore should ask is the type of education and training that the physical therapist has gotten. It may not seem that important but knowing the background of the therapist can go a long way in assuring you on whether he or she is the one for you. Continue reading